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Top-Class trainers are going digital today because the world demands connection. Being connected is not even a differentiation anymore, but an obligation, because of how the market is developing and works now. You probably walk attached to at least a smartphone yourself – and maybe also a tablet and a notebook, just in case. In the era of WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook, people got really used to have those facilities and they enjoy communication that is fast, full of options and online.

Be aware that during the last 5 years the number of personal trainers has grown 10 times! Growing competition and new expectations of the users are the challenges you need to face. We know them. We are watching the market and we know how difficult it is to stand out. But when you are reading this you've already done the first step.

We can offer you an unique partnership program that will grow your business.

You inspire, motivate, and share healthy lifestyle, your fans follow your suggestions and want to imitate things you do. Let's collaborate and create top-class product that will instantly start working for you.

Thanks to your passion and commitment, and our technology expertise, we will create a great product together to be loved by millions of people in the world. This will have massive impact on your income, and allow you to focus on things you LOVE to do, and let us handle the rest.

It is a perfect moment to make a step forward and show everybody what you can do! Now you have a chance to make most of what you’ve been working so hard.

Our product stands out from 99% of fitness apps on the market. It is not only thanks to its special design but also to a great number of functionalities engaging the users and increasing their satisfaction. They will work out with you one on one - following you on the screen, and get access to your training plans created for several weeks ahead with each day being different ensuring the progress, dedicated to various goals. Furthermore they will get statistics including: calories burnt, training time, number of exercices done, rewards in the form of recepices, achievements, challenges verifying the condition, calendar, and a reminder about the training.

We work fast and reliable

We need only 2 days with you to record entire video material needed for unlimited number of video trainings, where each day can vary in term of duration, difficulty, type of exercises making it diversified and enforcing progress.

After that we are ready to create your own iOS and Android application and you can start sharing and selling your plans like a PRO. We are taking care of all technical aspects and since now on we are working as a team.