Nothing’s impossible!

I’m not really keen on telling you how strong and wonderful I am! No! I’m just like you - a woman, a mom, a human being often making the wrong choices, but also a human being who turned over a new leaf and decided to take action. You can do that too! I am not the only mother who was able to do that.

Are you a hard-working mommy who doesn’t have any me time? Are you short on time? Do you want to be in shape without having to stick to a rigorous diet?

Read my story and let me help you.


My son was born when I was 23 years old and 14 kilos too heavy. Are you a mom? If so, then you know perfectly well how your world changes when you become one. I just couldn’t hack it! Too many new responsibilities, no personal time, sleepless nights, exhaustion… After some time I knew I had to fight for myself and despite the mountain of work I had to do, I was desperate to be fit again and find some time to do exercise.

Then I realised that with baby steps and a dose of determination you can achieve a lot.

Just a few minutes of exercise a day and a healthy diet let me get back in shape after 6 months. All of my girlfriends were curious - how did she do that? How did she find the time with a baby at home? Meanwhile I did exercise at home, about 30 minutes a day, when my son was asleep. I didn’t know then that the system I came up with was going to be a solution for many more women like me.

When Mikołaj was 6 and my daughter Maja was born I had gained 16 kilos. Two kids, work, housework, and little time for myself - fortunately, I knew exactly what to do to be fit again.

  • When Maja was falling asleep in her pram - I lifted my legs!
  • When I was brushing my teeth - I pinched my buttocks!
  • When I was queueing - I pinched my buttocks!
  • When the kids were asleep - I did some sit-ups!
  • A walk in the park - rather a quick march!

And I did all of the above every day… on top of my healthy diet.

With two kids and about a year after my second pregnancy, I looked like I had never before!

This experience changed my life completely. I realised how physical activity and a healthy diet turned me into an energetic and confident woman who’s ready to face life head-on.

I wanted to provide a better future for myself and my children, and I was finally ready to do that. My goal was to make fitness a part of my life and become a professional trainer. I worked and studied hard to get as much knowledge and experience as possible - I put everything to the test. My dedicated self-sacrifice led me to my goal. During that time, I met my husband Darek, who as an experienced trainer helped me a lot and motivated me to work even harder. Our friendship turned into one-of-a-kind love that resulted in my 3rd child Zuzia.

After my pregnancy, following Darek’s advice, I decided to share my getting-back-in-shape story on Facebook. What I didn’t know then was how inspiring my story could be for so many of you. It fired me up to share my passion and motivate others to take action.

Today there are thousands of us and I receive messages from you daily; messages about how you started exercising and how it has changed your lives, I am forever grateful for those.

I know that sometimes life can be hard and there’s never enough time; especially when a child is born and life does a 180 on you. But everything happens for a reason and as much as your life can surprise you, you should keep on fighting and overcoming your weaknesses just to take that one step further.

The results are there to prove it.


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